Manufacturing and Processing

OpptyGo provides manufacturers the ability to increase production, operate more efficiently and maintain compliance with features built specifically for CBD manufacturers.


Robust Inventory Management

OpptyGo tracks both raw materials and finished products throughout multiple warehouses, buildings, rooms, sections, shelves, racks and/or bins. Operators can utilize features such as creating product items, tracking adjustments, splitting inventory and merging inventory, amongst many other features offered.

Bill of Materials

Accurately track all input materials, assemblies, sub-assemblies, parts and components, including the quantities of each, required to manufacture your finished products. This feature makes it quick and easy to create accurate production orders.

Production Orders

Accurately track the amount of materials used, cost of goods sold and finished products made during product creation and assembly. OpptyGo will automatically increase inventory for both by-products and finished products produced from each production order.

Shop Supplier Catalogs and Place Purchase Orders

Manufacturers can build and shop supplier catalogs, build and place purchase orders with suppliers and quickly increase inventory of products purchased with OpptyGo’s ‘take delivery’ feature.

Quickly Create Production Orders & BOMs
by Pulling Data From Previous Ones

Quickly and easily create new production orders and bill of materials by pulling specific data from previous production orders and BOM’s with OpptyGo’s unique cloning feature.