About Us

OpptyGo was founded by long term software product and IT industry executives. Initially, we were frustrated by the extortionary fees charged by the major enterprise software providers. We felt that dramatic advancements in platform as a service capabilities, and the availability and adoption of high quality open source software made it possible to offer competitive services at a fraction of the cost. Plus, having extensive big company experience, we knew the kind of flexibility, reliability and security large public companies require in their enterprise software.

After developing our solution for a couple of years in stealth mode, we welcomed our first customer who happened to be in the cannabis industry. They used our solution and showed it to a number of cannabis retailers. Feedback from these retailers was overwhelmingly positive. With their help, we dived deeply into the cannabis industry and learned that it was a market with huge potential, but which was poorly served by enterprise software. We felt our mission to deliver affordable and reliable enterprise-grade software could fill an important and expanding gap for the cannabis industry.

Looking ahead, we foresee continued impressive growth in the cannabis market, combined with churn from ongoing regulatory and legal changes. At the same time, business growth and consolidation along with increasing consumer comfort and familiarity will lead to evolving business models. Eventually, more permissive federal legislation will open the market to banking and bigger acquisitions by publicly traded companies, making flexible, scalable, audit-ready enterprise grade software a requirement for everyone. OpptyGo aims to be the industry’s enterprise software leader at this stage.


Billy Hinners - Chief Executive Officer

Billy has devoted 40 years in software-focused ventures with both Fortune 500 companies and several startups. Recent highlights included co-founding the solar design automation startup, Lightmile, which was acquired by Sunrun, Inc.. While at Sunrun, Billy’s innovations resulted in multiple patents, a Department of Energy SunShot award and Sunrun’s rapid rise to IPO in 2015. In co-founding OpptyGo, Billy sought to combine his unique experience managing mission-critical enterprise software while CIO at Autodesk, Inc., along with his extensive history leading software product development at companies throughout his career.

Shyam Rajan - Chief Operating Officer

Shyam has 26 years of experience in the software industry with extensive knowledge in front and back office enterprise applications. He has held senior management positions in various consulting and software development organizations and has managed a portfolio of initiatives with expected revenue, productivity and cost saving outcomes. He co-founded and managed a successful enterprise applications consulting company in the bay area. As a co-founder of OpptyGo, Shyam has spent the last 5 years building a comprehensive business application for the cannabis industry and spearheading strategies to steer OpptyGo’s future in a positive direction.

John Sutton - Chief Revenue Officer

John Sutton is uniquely qualified to assist OpptyGo in his capacity as Chief Revenue Officer and Advisor. As we engage the still nascent cannabis industry, John possesses deep domain expertise as an 8+ year legal cannabis entity Founder & CEO, primarily focused inside Nevada and California. Moreover, John helped launch medically-oriented cannabis brands across multiple jurisdictions. Before this, John focused on sales and marketing effectiveness for technology companies in numerous roles including VP of Sales, VP of Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Operating Officer.

Wendy Mueller - Chief Financial Officer

Wendy brings 29 years of experience and has been Chief Financial Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, and Managing Director of several companies, including a public accountancy firm and regulated Alternative Investment Funds. She began her career with five years at Coopers & Lybrand as an auditor, providing a foundation for M&A, Investment Fund Management, Taxation, and Venture. Wendy enjoys being part of a team creating growth and value in an unstable marketplace. What she likes most with Opptygo, besides the well-established executive team, is the audit trail and transparency that OpptyGo provides to the growing marketplace of cannabis. As more stability is brought to the industry, Wendy looks forward to showing her counterparts in the industry the value of not only checks and balances of the OpptyGo system, but also the seamless integration with marketing to buyers and sellers in the integrated system. Wendy received her B.S. in Accounting and Business Administration from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 1993 while on a full tennis scholarship and is a Licensed C.P.A. in the State of Nevada and Texas. She is an Emeritus member of the Tahoe Parasol Community Foundation.

Babu Raj - Vice President of Engineering

Babu is a proven information technology executive with over 20 years of diverse experience across CRM, eCommerce, and data management. He has worked across US and Asia, growing and managing engineering teams of various sizes. In his 14 years at Autodesk, Babu held multiple senior roles across Information Technology. He played a vital role in creating and growing a successful offshore team in Singapore. As a data management leader, he helped to transform the organization and data strategies across the company.

Rob Morrow - Vice President of Business Development

For the past 10+ years, Rob has worked with businesses in both the start-up and growth phases as a business development manager. Rob has a proven track record of developing long lasting business relationships and beneficial partnerships. In 2016, Rob recognized the lack of enterprise-grade technology platforms available to companies operating in the then nascent legal cannabis industry. In 2017, Rob joined OpptyGo with the mission to supply cannabis operators with the platform who were seeking to increase sales, operate more efficiently and maintain compliance.