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Our Story

OpptyGo was started in 2016 by a group of senior technology industry executives who were fed up with the high cost to license and operationalize software from the major CRM vendors. They show exorbitantly high list prices, but negotiate those down in exchange for locking you into a multi-year agreement. Even the negotiated rates frequently exceed $120 per user per month, and that’s excluding “extras” like email marketing campaigns, e-commerce, sales collateral management, interactive collaboration, reporting, analytics, auditing, sandboxes, etc.

If you complain that you’re not seeing sufficient value in your license fees, they respond, “then you just need more customizations.” Thus you end up with both a long term contract and heavy customization locking you into an expensive solution you can almost never escape, meanwhile you’ve forfeited the “pay only for what you use” benefit that was one of the reasons you chose software-as-a-service to begin with.

Furthermore, the major CRM vendors all architected their solutions 20 or more years ago. They were innovative in their day, but now technologies like Amazon Web Services make it much easier to build high value, secure software-as-a-service applications and operate them at a much lower cost than the legacy technology vendors can approach.

A host of low cost CRM competitors exist, but none of these are enterprise grade. Most will allow you to create a custom field on an existing data type. Some will even allow you to create your own custom objects. None, however, have the level of customizability companies require to support the variability of business processes that exist today and which will inevitably evolve in the future. With these smaller scale solutions, data security and auditability, ability to scale and adapt with your growth and even the long-term viability of the product are in question.

Thus, we founded OpptyGo to provide a highly customizable, secure enterprise-grade CRM solution at a small business price. Our goals were:

  • To lower the enterprise grade CRM license costs;
  • To avoid customer lock-in by using non-proprietary, open technologies (Java, Javascript, Postgresql, AWS);
  • To provide a more complete and useful out-of-the-box solution including features like email marketing campaigns, customer portal with e-commerce store, sophisticated analytics, actionable tools enabling Sales to engage customers and more; and
  • To innovate rapidly by adopting new technologies and building features made possible by Amazon Web Services.

The Team

The OpptyGo founders have a background with multiple decades in the software development industry. They’re deeply experienced with billion dollar retail software product development and also multi-million dollar front office and back office IT projects. The CEO has served as both a software VP of Engineering and as a large company CIO. He previously worked in three different startups; two of the three were successfully acquired, one didn’t survive the dot-com bust. Other founders have led multiple big company CRM implementations and owned large enterprise master data integrity and security.