The Modern Enterprise Quality CRM

Paying exorbitant licensing fees to your current CRM vendor?

Trapped having to use proprietary languages and databases?

Spending excessively on customization to get the value you need?

Prefer a CRM vendor that doesn’t take advantage when renewing your contract?

Is The Solution For You

True SaaS Pricing

Pay only for active users
No long term contracts

Advanced Out Of The Box Capabilities

E-commerce Engine
Enterprise Customer Management
Customer Portal
Two-Way Messaging
Campaign Management
Partner Portal

Innovative, Open Technologies

  • Built with Amazon Web Services
  • AWS Lambda services
  • Java, Python, Javascript - no proprietary languages
  • Accessible Postgres database - no proprietary database
  • Built to scale for thousands of users and products
    and millions of customers and orders

Advanced Customization

Enterprise-Grade Customization well beyond simple fields

Easy, usable role-based
data visibility
page layouts
Event based

Product Features

Sales Enablement

Drive marketing campaigns, customer referrals and subscription renewals. Enable guided selling and track contacts with integrated telephony. Go paperless with digital signatures.


Find and engage new trading partners. Simplify and streamline buying and selling products within your industry. Manage inventory and fulfillment with your vendors and customers.

Increase Sales

Drive more revenue with new customers, nurture customers between sales and see all customer interactions, both past and planned. Manage sit rates, callbacks and territory efficiency.

Insightful Analytics and Reports

Understand customers’ shopping habits to create effective marketing campaigns, cross and upselling opportunities. Track campaign efficiency to increase the number of emails clicked on and opened.

Customer Satisfaction

Seamlessly communicate with and service your customers via SMS, email and live chat. Reduce staff burden with customer self-service features, such as the ability to place inquiries and request information.

Manage Channel Partners

Create and maintain successful and beneficial relationships with your partners. Seamlessly connect with your partners by exchanging real time data electronically.

E-Commerce Features

  • Customer Portal

    Customers can create an account and place orders with a credit card all within one platform.

  • B2B Marketplace

    The OpptyGo marketplace connects businesses throughout the supply chain to efficiently manage transactions at every touch point.

  • Multiple Fulfillment Options

    Customers can choose to place their order for in-store pick up, on-demand delivery, or subscription-based delivery. Deliveries are tracked through a delivery management system.

  • Digital Loyalty

    Increase customer retention with promotions and rewards with our customer loyalty program.

  • Guided Selling

    Help customers find the best products for their needs and lifestyle with guided selling tools.



Offer Your Customers a Simple and Convenient Shopping Experience

Digital Signature

Delivery Management

Campaign Management

Online Payments

Cloud Communication

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